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Wine Links

Other Branches and Clubs

International Wine and Food Society Main Branch Website

IWFS Capital Branch The Capital Branch Site

General Sources of Information

Local Wine Events A Site listing details of wine tasting events around the world

Tom Cannavan's Web-Pages. A broad range of informed up-to-date information on wine.

Professional Friends of Wine  An excellent reference for wines, grapes and tastings

Wine Retailers we have known

Berry Brothers and Rudd Award winning retailer of world renown

Andrew Chapman  Specialist retailer from Drayton Oxfordshire

Wolfgang Kohl  Our favourite winemaker from the Mosel

Laithwaites - the UK's largest mail order wine merchant

Henry Laithwaite - a classic boutique winemaker

Dagernova - Ahr Valley Wine Cooperative

Berry Bros and Rudd  Not just a sales catalogue - many interesting wine facts as well.


Wines of the World

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South America    Argentina   Chile  

Europe    France   Germany  Italy   Spain  Portugal

South Africa


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