Meeting 306 -A Tasting of Spanish Wines

Supper Planned & Prepared by Charlotte

Tapas - originated in southern Spain at the beginning of the C19in the form of a slice of bread or sausage to cover 'tapar' onesglass to keep the insects away. Andalucia was and still is thehome of sherry and the two went hand in hand and it was not longbefore the tradition spread throughout Spain.
Almendras con pimenton - Roasted almonds with paprika The almond is probably the most versatile ingredient of Spanish cooking, from tapas to soup, sauces, stews, puddings and sweets.The word for almond 'almendra' has roots in the Moorish past, for the Arabs were very partial to them and planted trees all along the Mediterranean coast from Tarragona to Malaga. When the trees flower in late winter there is a spectacular blaze of pink and white blossom; the fruits are harvested in August and September.
Pimentos de Padron - named after the town Padron in Galicia;They are known as Russian roulette peppers as they vary inspiciness, so most will be gently peppery, but one in about 20 willbe hot; as the Galician saying goes - one hot, others not! Theseare fried in olive oil and sea salt. You have been warned!Olives (ail with stones) marinated in olive oil. thyme and garlic
Gordal (Queen) olives - large green
Arbequina olives - tiny sweet
Aragon olives - black
Warm chorizo. iudion and tomato salad - Of all the Spanish sausages, chorizo is probably the best known - I have used Chorizo longaniza extra picante, which I have fried. Its distinct deep red colour and strong flavour come from one of its main ingredients, paprika. This salad also uses the wonderful variety ofbutter bean called 'Judion' which is plump and luxuriously creamyserved with sherry vinegar dressing.
Jamon Serrano - We all know and love Serrano ham! Jamon depata negra is from the Black Iberico pig and one of the betterquality cured hams.
Aio Blanco - white gazpacho - This ancient classic chilled soup
comes from Malaga. The recipe is a culinary legacy of the Moors who adored almonds - the soups main ingredient.
Slow roasted loin of pork cooked in milk. cinnamon and bay leaves - As a reaction against the Arab occupation of Spain, the eating of pork was widely encouraged, and with great effect, for it soon became the nations most popular meat. Each household would fatten a pig throughout the year and turn it into a myriad of 'charcuteria' - cured sausages, chorizo, salami, jamon, blood sausage etc.
Potatoes and peas with sweet anis liqueur - The flavour of aniseed goes well with peas and pork
Fresas en Moscatel con mantecados Strawberries marinated in sweet Moscatel wine with Moorish almond 'sand' biscuits
Manchego pure ewes milk cheese - this famous firm, salt cheese is matured for a minimum of 6 months
Murcia al vino - lesser known, this is a firm pressed goats cheese with a softer texture from south eastern Spain, it has an intense white colour and has been bathed in red wine
Turron Durro - A hard nougat style sweet with almond and honey

All the Spanish products were sourced from and I would highly recommend looking at their website if you would like to purchase any of the products used. They are based in Berinsfield, Oxfordshire and kindly gave me a tour of the warehouse and answered my questions. Tel: 01865 340055 - Jose
Recipes and history were from 'Moro - the cookbook' by Sam & Sam Clark