Meeting 303 - Brauneberg's Finest Riesling

Supper Planned & Prepared by Charlotte

During the first half of the tasting Charlotte provided platters of German style bread, cold meats and cheese. We were able to try various combinations of  meats and cheese with the range of wines from 'Trocken' to 'Mild' that Wolfgang had provided.

Main Course: Stuffed roast loin of pork, red cabbage and new potatoes.

Pudding: Baked cheese cake with stewed fruit and crème fraîche.

All our thanks to Ros and David Kirk who had to stand in for Charlotte (who was away on other culinary duties). Not only did they prepare the hot dishes to perfection but they had to work in a kitchen without lights. (Fortunately, the cooking facilities did work and some illumination was afforded by the main hall lights!)